About the OPPO Creators Awards 2019
The OPPO Creators Awards 2019 was created by OPPO for smartphone users, with the aim of providing a platform through which photography enthusiasts can interact and improve.Photography has always been at the core of OPPO's strategy. In both hardware and algorithms, OPPO has never stopped innovating and exploring, striving to bring users a better photography experience and make it easy to take a good photo. OPPO also endeavors to understand what smartphone photography means to users. Whether it's a matter of documenting an experience or just sharing a moment, we hope photography can better help users express themselves anytime and anywhere.
The OPPO Photography Talent Program is a master class designed to foster creativity in photography. In this class, world-class photographers will work with you directly, guiding you through every step, from conceptualization to photo-taking. With their help, you can become an expert photographer too.
The OPPO Creators Awards 2019 is the most important part of the "Creativity in Photography" project. Through this event, we aim to provide a platform that lets smartphone users display their photographic creativity. We also hope to tap into the great potential of photography enthusiasts. Your finest work has the chance to be seen by millions of people at a photography exhibition, as an official OPPO wallpaper, or on a billboard. It could even be on display at the OPPO Creators Awards Exhibition.
Most importantly, OPPO hopes to unleash the potential of promising young photographers through this event, offering them better opportunities for growth. If you're a passionate and talented photographer, you will have the chance not only to win funding, but also to participate in an international photography class – the OPPO Photography Talent Program. The world-class photographers will serve as your mentors, helping you take your abilities in creative photography to the next level.