Guide for participants

  • Who is eligible to take part?

    The event is open to all smartphone users around the world (not just OPPO users!). Simply use your phone to take a photo and submit your work.

  • How do I submit my entry?

    Visit and click Enter button on the header navigator bar, or go to homepage, scroll down to Showcase Your Creativity in Any Category section and click Enter button.

  • When should I submit my entry?

    Submit your entry between May 17 – July 17, 2019.

  • Which category should I select during submission?

    First, select the "OPPO" or "Open" group depending on your smartphone type. Then, select one of the following categories based on the theme of your submission:

    Your Night: The light and shadows of the night

    Your Creativity: Wide-angle, long-focus, and other interesting angles

    Your World: Landscape, cityscape and nature

    Your People: Shots of familiar and unfamiliar faces

    Your Perspective: Open category, capturing a moment in time

  • What requirements must the photograph meet?

    Photos can be straight from the camera, edited through editing tools in the Photos app of your phone or with third-party mobile software.Each photograph should be no less than 1200 pixels in length or in width.The maximum size for a single photograph is 10 MB.You must provide a short textual description explaining the photo concept with your submission.

  • How many photos can I submit?

    You may submit a maximum of 30 photos in your entry.

  • How will the winners be decided?

    Photos that pass an initial review by event staff will enter the submission pool. After the deadline for submissions, the event committee will select 500 entries from the pool to be shortlisted. The judges will then review the shortlisted photographs and decide on the final winners.

  • Will I keep the rights to my work after submission?

    Yes – as the original photographer, you retainall relevant rights to your work even after submission. (Please note that by taking part in the event you agree to grant OPPO the non–exclusive and irrevocable right to royalty–free usage of your work globally in any channel or medium for two years period. You also grant OPPO the right to edit and crop your work.)

  • What are the awards?

    Grand Prize Winners: 2 winners, 1 from OPPO group, 1 from OPEN group

    · 7,500 USD of funding for creative photography pursuits

    · Eligibility for the OPPO Photography Talent Program

    Category Winners: 10 winners, 5 from OPPO group, 5 from Open group (2 from each category)

    · 1,500 USD of funding for creative photography pursuits

    · Eligibility for the OPPO Photography Talent Program

    Special Jury Prize: 5 winners, no limit to categories

    · Eligibility for the OPPO Photography Talent Program

    · 1 OPPO Reno 10x Zoom phone

    OPPO GROUP Winners will receive the following extra awards

    · A chance to be displayed at OPPO Creators Awards Exhibition.

    · The winning photos will have chance to be featured on OPPO wallpapers, printed on outdoor advertising and receive further global media exposure.

  • What kind of submissions are against the rules?

    The photo infringes the rights of another person (including but not limited to copyright, trademark rights, privacy rights, right of publicity or other IP or civil rights).

    The photo features pornography, nudity or violence, or is otherwise inappropriate or provocative.

    The submission in any way denigrates the OPPO brand or the submission of another participant.