OPPO Talent Program
Explore the Undiscovered
11 prize winners of OPPO Creators Awards 2019, together with outstanding photographers, will dive deep into Sunan Yugur Autonomous County in Gansu, China. During the five-day trip, they will explore new possibilities with the camera and explore the mysterious and undiscovered Gansu.

Introduction to Mentors

  • Jonas Bendiksen

    Infinity Award 2003, International Center of Photography, New York

    Second prize, Daily Life Stories category, World Press Photo Award

    National Magazine Award 2007

  • Lua Ribeira

    Jerwood Photoworks Award 2018

    Magnum Graduate Photographers Award 2017


  • Masterclass

    Our award-winning mentors discussed winning photos, their own professional work and techniques that could be applied to the varied landscape of Gansu and the trip schedule.

  • Shooting Guidance

    Each day the mentors gave one-on-one, hands-on tutorials to the Creators Awards winners while taking portraits of the Yugur people and the surrounding mountains.

  • Commencement Ceremony

    All of the team presented and discussed the thoughts, creative idea and process to get their best shots while on the trip. The works were displayed and showcased to locals on the farmland hillside.

Work of Creators

  • The Story
  • The Nature
  • The History

Maintaining spiritual inheritance and tradition, yet adapting to the modern world is important to the youth of the Yugur people. The OPPO Creators Awards Winners explored the stories behind each person through the lens of the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom.

From the stripy layers of sandstone deposits weathered over millions of years to form colorful cliff faces, to the rich greed farmland, the Gansu landscape made a beautiful backdrop for creative photography.

The history of the Yugur people can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. Their nomadic culture, religions and beliefs have been passed down to this day. Among them, the Mati Temple, which was built in the Jin Dynasty, brings together the local art, Qilian mountain scenery and Yugur ethnic tradition. Maintaining cultural heritage in each photo played an important part in all creators’ photography.


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